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A Tribute To Late Cus Lategreat Damato

The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It's the same thing, fear, but it's what you do with it that matters.

Imagine there are two people, one is a hero and the other is a coward. Both of them feel scared or afraid sometimes. But what makes them different is how they deal with their fear.

The hero takes their fear and uses it in a brave way. They may feel scared, but they use that feeling to make themselves stronger. They might even imagine their opponent or the thing they are afraid of being scared of them instead. This helps them face their fear and not run away from it.


On the other hand, the coward lets their fear control them. When they feel scared, they just run away from the situation or hide. They don't try to face their fear or do anything to overcome it.


Even though both the hero and the coward feel the same fear, what matters is what they do with it. The hero uses their fear to become stronger and face their challenges, while the coward lets fear control them and runs away.


-Cus D'Amato


Thoughts & Breakdown

1. The hero faces their fear head-on and confronts it, while the coward avoids or runs away from their fear.

2. The hero uses their fear as motivation to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, whereas the coward lets fear paralyze them, preventing any progress or growth.

3. The hero takes risks, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to overcome their fears, while the coward stays within their comfort zone, avoiding any potentially challenging situations.

4. The hero seeks support from others, utilizing teamwork and collaboration to face their fears, while the coward isolates themselves, refusing to seek help or rely on others.

5. The hero embraces uncertainty and learns from their mistakes, seeing fear as an opportunity for personal growth, whereas the coward avoids any situation that may lead to failure or discomfort.

6. The hero focuses on finding solutions to their fear, looking for ways to minimize or conquer it, while the coward dwells on their fear, constantly worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

7. The hero understands that fear is a natural emotion and does not let it control their actions, while the coward allows fear to dictate their every decision.

8. The hero sees fear as a challenge, an opportunity to prove their resilience and courage, whereas the coward succumbs to fear, leading to missed opportunities and regrets.

9. The hero embraces fear as a necessary part of life, understanding that it can push them to be stronger and more determined, while the coward sees fear as a sign of weakness and avoids it at all costs.

10. The hero confronts their fear with rationality and logic, breaking it down into manageable steps, while the coward allows fear to consume them, leading to irrational thoughts and behaviors.

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