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Briteside Planning To bring the Freshest Rap Gear? Lol WUT?

Are you a fan of the golden era of rap music in the 90s? Do you find yourself reminiscing about the iconic rappers and fashion trends that defined that era? In this blog post, we'll take a trip down memory lane and explore the forgotten rappers from the 90s and how their influence continues to shape rap fashion today.

Nostalgia for 90s Rap

The 90s were a pivotal time for rap music, with artists like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Nas dominating the airwaves. The music of this era had a raw, authentic sound that resonated with fans and set the stage for the future of rap. The fashion trends of the 90s were just as influential, with baggy jeans, oversized jerseys, and bucket hats becoming signature pieces of the hip-hop scene. These trends may have faded over time, but their impact on rap culture is undeniable.

Contrast with 00s Iconic Rappers

As the 90s gave way to the 2000s, the rap scene underwent a shift in sound and style. Artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kanye West rose to prominence, bringing a new wave of creativity and innovation to the genre. Fashion trends also evolved, with artists like Diddy and Jay-Z popularizing luxury brands and tailored suits. While the 00s brought new energy to rap music, the influence of the 90s continued to loom large.

Iconic Rap Gear and Merch

Rap gear and merchandise have always been a crucial part of the hip-hop culture, serving as a way for fans to connect with their favorite artists. From t-shirts and hats to sneakers and jewelry, rap gear has become a symbol of status and identity within the community. Brands like Supreme, BAPE, and FUBU have all made their mark on the rap fashion scene, creating timeless pieces that have stood the test of time.

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The Rise and Fall of Icons

While some 90s rappers have managed to maintain their relevance over the years, others have faded into obscurity. The changing landscape of the music industry, shifting trends, and personal challenges have all played a role in the rise and fall of these icons. However, their impact on rap music and fashion can still be felt today, as new artists continue to draw inspiration from their work.

The Influence of Tupac

One rapper who has left an indelible mark on the rap world is Tupac Shakur. His music, style, and activism have made him a legend in the hip-hop community, with fans around the world still celebrating his legacy. Tupac's iconic imagery, from his bandanas and tattoos to his poetic lyrics, continues to inspire artists and fans alike. ©️ 2024 offers a range of Tupac wall art that pays tribute to this rap icon.

Fashion Trend




Matching jackets and pants in bold colors

Adidas tracksuit

Puffer Jackets

Thick, padded jackets for a streetwear look

Moncler puffer jacket

Luxury Sneakers

High-end sneakers from designer brands

Yeezy Boosts

Beanie Hats

Tight-fitting hats for a casual look

Carhartt beanie

Chunky Chains

Large, statement jewelry pieces

Gold chain necklace

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Reviving Forgotten Rappers

It's important to remember and honor the contributions of forgotten 90s rappers, as their music and style have helped shape the rap landscape we know today. Platforms like social media and streaming services have made it easier than ever to rediscover these artists and introduce them to a new audience. By supporting these artists and celebrating their legacy, we can keep the spirit of 90s rap alive for future generations.

Connecting Past and Present

Today, many current rap artists pay homage to the 90s through their music and fashion choices. Samples of classic 90s tracks, references to iconic rappers, and vintage-inspired clothing have all become staples of modern hip-hop culture. The blending of past and present not only honors the legacy of 90s rap but also keeps the genre fresh and exciting for fans old and new.

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Keeping the Culture Alive

As fans of rap music and fashion, it's up to us to preserve the rich history and diversity of the genre. By supporting both established and emerging artists, exploring the roots of rap music, and embracing the fashion trends that have shaped the culture, we can ensure that the spirit of 90s rap lives on. Let's continue to celebrate the forgotten rappers, iconic fashion trends, and timeless music that make hip-hop a global phenomenon.

For more insights on rap fashion trends and iconic merchandise, visit ©️ 2024, where you can find an array of products that pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop.


Are 90s rap fashion trends still relevant today?

Answer 1: Yes, 90s rap fashion trends continue to influence current styles, with many artists and fans embracing the nostalgia of that era through their clothing choices.

How can I incorporate 90s rap fashion into my wardrobe?

Answer 2: You can infuse elements like baggy jeans, graphic tees, and bucket hats into your outfits for a retro-inspired look that pays homage to the golden era of rap.

Where can I find iconic rap merchandise?

Answer 3: You can explore ©️ 2024 for a wide range of iconic rap gear and merchandise that celebrate the legacy of 90s rappers and hip-hop culture.

How can I support forgotten 90s rappers?

Answer 4: You can support forgotten 90s rappers by streaming their music, sharing their work on social media, attending their concerts, and purchasing their merchandise to keep their legacy alive in the rap community.

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