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Great resources for web security everyone should know

  1. Norton Safe Web - Check link safety and get community reviews.

  2. ScanURL - Verify URLs independently using ScanURL.

  3. PhishTank - Identify and verify phishing sites.

  4. Google Transparency Report - Detect phishing risks and malware in links.

  5. VirusTotal - Check for malware instantly.

  6. PSafe Dfndr Lab - Ensure link safety with a one-click scan.

  7. URLVoid - Detect potentially malicious websites and get URL history.

  8. Sucuri SiteCheck - Verify link safety with Sucuri SiteCheck.

  9. Bitdefender TrafficLight - Enhance browser security, block phishing attempts.

  10. AdBlock Plus - Use for ad-blocking and protection against malicious ads.

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