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Predicted hashtags of #2024

Predicted hashtags of #2024

Hashtags that may be trending or popular in 5 hours & 15 minutes:

#NoDroneNoProblem - Referencing a campaign that generated 238.9 million views on TikTok.

#WorldSleepDay - Associated with Philips' campaign "No Sleep Till Austin," which garnered more than 2.5 million video views.

#TaggerMedia - Mentioned as a platform that emphasizes data and tracks billions of social conversations, potentially trending among large brands and marketing agencies.

#RealTimeData - Related to the OECD Weekly Tracker of economic activity, indicating a trend in the use of real-time data analytics.

#WNBAFirsts - Connected to the stories behind the most searched WNBA "firsts" in Google Trends history, possibly a trending topic in sports and equality.

#MidtermElections - Linked to the issues Americans care about for the 2022 midterms, likely trending during election periods.

#EconomicActivity - Pertaining to the OECD Weekly Tracker, which could trend among those interested in economic analysis.

#GoogleTrends - As part of storytelling with data projects, this hashtag may trend in conjunction with visual data narratives.

#DataStorytelling - In reference to the Trends Data Team working on visual data narratives, probably popular among marketers and data analysts.

#InfluencerMarketing - A broad hashtag that encompasses the use of platforms like Creator. co and captiv8, and likely trends among social media and marketing professionals.

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