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Top 10 sites for AI in January and no particular order

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Top 10 AI Apps Redefining January 2024

AI is transforming mobile apps. Here are the top 10 AI apps in January 2024:

Hopper leverages AI to predict flight/hotel prices and make personalized trip recommendations for travelers.

ELSA Speak uses AI to assess English proficiency, design customized curriculum, and provide real-time feedback to improve pronunciation.

Flick employs AI to generate captions and ideate content 10x faster, assisting social media managers.

Speechify uses AI to convert text to speech in 15+ languages while offering features like searchable transcripts. leverages AI to transcribe meetings and interviews with speaker identification capabilities.

Trint uses AI to turn audio/video into editable text, supporting 25+ languages.

Synthesia creates AI-powered synthetic videos with customizable templates, voices, and captions.

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that can generate long-form content with 50+ customizable templates.

HitPaw Video Enhancer uses AI to improve video quality with noise reduction, upscaling, and enhanced face tracking.

10. Murf

Murf is an AI voice generator that creates human-like voiceovers from text in 15 languages, with 100+ voice options.

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