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Top 5 ai technology's (browser extensions) artificial intelligence new extensions new AI Tech

These actually are not the best i will be coming out with an update here addressing this. I believe harpa is arguably the best but i think chapat\ii still holds up at number one for reasons i will go over. anylayer and cheat layer dont even belong on the list 

My blogs are to give knowledge, not to give a bunch of filler, And I actually write them unlike 99.9% of.

  so let's get right into it. To me, the very best piece of technology out right now, aside from the obvious ones like GPT, itself would have to be the browser extension for Chrome ''. The most generic, stupid name ever imagined, it's so boring I cannot even remember what it is called (had to look up as writing), and it's by far my favorite extension of all time.

  For somebody with a learning disability and ADHD like myself, it's life-changing, along with liberating. Now, I don't use this one quite as much because use chat GPT above takes over for this, but every once in a while, there's something that it can't do, and so this extension is nice to have. Merlin, this extension acts as an assistant in your browser. It's refined, it's pretty good, pretty stupid sometimes too, but pretty good overall.

  So coming in at third is cheat layer. It's by far the most intriguing one. It promises to automate any website, it can't, it's not even close to there yet, but it will be. Clearly, it will develop fast. I can see this. The controls on it are ambiguous, the explanation is further confusing, and it gets in your way, and it shares the same key command as Chrome does, so it's kind of counterintuitive and stupid. We've got a lot of stupid things in the smart space i'm noticing As a trend, and you may be too, 

 Number 4 is going to be AnyPicker - 'A.I. powered No Code Web Scraper'. Another horrible name, but this extension is intuitive and the easiest web scraper to use that I've seen in the way of extensions. There are a couple of others, and I'll tell you they're almost worthless because I could not figure out how to use them, and you know I kind of know a couple of things about technology, so I would just think that this would be detrimental.

  And the last one that I'll say, in fair warning, this is not artificial intelligence yet, but I feel it's very key as I just used it to zap off cheat layer because it won't go off my damn screen. Simply put, this should be the first thing you download as soon as you get on Chrome, always. It is an extra layer of protection, speeds up things, it protects you from some tracking, it also blocks all the advertisements that you would normally see. It's very nice. uBlock Origin is top-notch stuff, and I'd like to thank those guys for doing what they do.

And that certifies an xDev5 advisory

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